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Thursday, March 17, 2011; Comments

I realised that i actually like Tuesdays.
Infact, they may even be my favorite day of the week.

I especially liked this Tuesday. 
Me, Airi and Suki went to Za's house to learn a dance.
Shana was supposed to come, but she go asthma or something.
Tsk tsk, always falling sick.

Anyway, apparently Ri got there too early and then was waiting for me at the park.
I got there around 10am, and Za wasn't even up yet. Her grandmother let me in though :)
Suki told her mom that she was doing lisan, so me and Ri had to hide for cover when her mom dropped her off.

We practiced Ivy - Touch Me , and then we did all the dances we liked. 

Our personal favorites;
Suki -Change - Kim Hyuna
Airi - Before The Dawn - Infinite
Za - Ivy - Touch Me
Me - I Go Crazy Because of You - T-ara

It was lots of fun. Za took some pictures of us dancing, aha.
After that, we decided to raid Za's room and try out her clothes.
(Her clothes are awesome.)
I went with the punk-rocker-superstar look, Ri went with the beachy look, and Suki looked like a working woman,  Za looked like the cute korean person.

Za had to run some errands at HSC, so we followed her (complete in our outfits, earning us strange stares.)
And once she was done, we went to Toys R Us for the sole purpose of camwhoring. :D
It was sooo epic. 

We even camwhored on the way back when we were sending off Suki to tuition.

And then it was pretty much it. But we camwhored before we left too, haha. When we were waiting for Suki to get back from tuition i introduced Ri to chatroulette. We saw many many cute European guys :D

Well thats's all i'm going to blog about today. Later!