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Till the world ends.
Saturday, May 21, 2011; Comments

Hello world. Today is May 21st, 2011. And i am infact not dead.

They said that the world would end at 6.00 pm today. Stupid. 

Anyway, i saw B2ST's new mv. I've been hyperventilating with Hanna, eventhough she doesn't understand a word i say.

Yeah. I love you, Hanna. :)

But i still despise you for going to Pirates of The Carribean without me. Mean. I wanted to see it firstest!
Stupid exams. 
Oh yeah, yesterday i was on twitter, and #onlyinhartamas was like a hot topic for all us smksh-ians :D
Some of them were so funny.

Jonelllllllllll, i love you for saying Zack Merrick is hot. HE IS HE IS ISN'T HE. HOT BEYOND WORDS CAN DESCRIBE.
Hopefully All Time Low will come to Malaysia! *keeps fingers crossed
Asking Alexandria cancelled their concert here. BITCH. Not that i could have gone anyway. 

omg, i have to go. BYEBYEBYBYE

Monday, May 16, 2011; Comments

This is so goddamnit sweet.


We took like 209046 gazillion photos, and then realized that the first one was the most decent. 

Me and Miss Choo! :D


Dear Miss Jonell Tan Yin Way,

I heard the drama 49 Days is awesome. Sleepover at my house and squeal about it together? B) THE GUY IS CUTE!~~~~

During holidays. Obviously. Hee

Well thats all i have to update for now. There's nothing really interesting going on in my life. Sad right :< *sniff
I'm addicted to ZE:A, Kevin Kam! <3 Annnnnnnnnnnd B1A4!


Eheh. Fine, i'll get to some real updating *sulks

During Mothers Day, we celebrated my dad's birthday. Yes, rather ironic isn't it?
His birthday is May 9th, and Mothers Day is May 8th. So yeah.
We went to KL Tower to the revolving restaurant thingymajig. IT WAS EPIC.
The restaurant literally revolved 8D

Obviously not fast, because then people would throw up and get nauseous and stuff. But i could actually see Hartamas from there. 250m above the ground, peeps. I could see Times Square, Low Yatt, Twin Towers and other cool stuff.
There was alot of white people at the restaurant, but sadly no cute guys. Boo.
But the food was miiiiiiind blowing.

Hm, besides that nothing much. The thing i look forward most to everyday (Well, 4 times a week.) is tuition with Miss Choo. She's like the coolest teacher ever :D
And she thinks she's cute *ahem ahem and also, she's really funny.
She asked my dad to find an apartment for her, cause her house was too big or something.

I mean, really? TOO BIG? D: How is that ever possible. Oh well. Anyway, i think that's it for now. I'll update when something life changing happens to me.