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Epic Fail.
Friday, April 29, 2011; Comments

Please ignore me. And focus on Suki, and Ri. And Zaa. There was another video we took which was better, but like Za didn't use that. :( 
Oh well.
I look weird. Heels were painful.

Monday, April 18, 2011; Comments

New phone baybeh!
It's so so so pretty.
I will explain in full detail when i actually have permission to use the net.

Friday, April 15, 2011; Comments

I want to do alot of things after SPM.
And one of them would be to dye my hair;

Opinions anyone? And just for the record, look at the colour. Not the style.


I've never attempted to hide so many tears in one day.
It was a generally crappy day today.
My dad yelled at me for being unreliable or something,
My mom yelled at me for not using my time wisely.
My brother, i don't even want to get started with.
I feel like kicking his balls. 

But i'm feeling a little better now.
I get to watch a movie tomorrow, and i was talking to a cute guy on chatroulette.
Oh, and Rachy is confiding in me which is making me feel better.
And i also found out how utterly hot Gong Chan is.

Um, have i mentioned that i'm completely addicted to All Time Low?

Jack Barakat!

Alex Gaskarth ! I ship Jalex <3

Rian Dawson , the amazing drummmer.

Annnnnd, Zack Merrick ! He has a pink guitar and a sexy body. ♥

hotties with bodies ! 
but yeah, anyway, their music is soooooo good. I like their newest one,  ' I Feel Like Dancin' '
Oh, and if you listen to all their music, you can see where all my msn pm's come from.

I'm gonna go tumblr. See you peeps. :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011; Comments


Miya went yesterday and is going again tomorrow.
My mom gave me a solid no, and i'm terrified to go ask my daddy.
I am in desperate need of shoes!
And i really want shoes.
I mean, who doesn't want

Shoes are like,

No one

Wish me truckloads of luck.
I'm goin' in now.

Mirror Mirror.

I think i've been on a bit of a 4minute hiatus lately.
I just discovered their recently new released music video, 'Mirror Mirror'.
It's, so super sexy.
My favorite member is still Heo Ga Yoon. I would really like to say that Kim Hyuna is really overrated, but really. Who am i kidding? She was on fire. It's actually very hard to ignore her. She deserves to be a sexy icon in Korea.

geoura geoura geoura geoura~


I wished we had learnt this. Then we could have done this for auditions. Oh well, can't have it all.
I bet Ki is gonna go all hyper and then learn this before i get the chance too . ugh. 
How i wished i still had my MP5.

Friday, April 8, 2011; Comments

Pretty Little Liars, is like the awesomest show. ever.

And also,  the guys are hot beyond words.
Like seriously, Tyler Blackburn, Diego Boneta and Keegan Allen
are all so bloody gorgeous.

Diego Boneta

Tyler Blackburn

Keegan Allen

I mean, seriously. Define sex, please. They all (note; bold, underline, italic.)  belong to me .

Anyway, besides ogling sexy guys, this week has been pretty hectic with lisan/oral/sukan stuffs.
For lisan, the second i started talking teacher was like;

Your voice is such a fail.

 Well gee, thanks for the encouraging advice. But she said she'd have to give me a 'low' mark,
which is 36/40
Um, i was trying so hard not to jump for joy out of my very uncomfortable seat. Really hard. Our oral, which was more or less the same story,
teacher told me my voice was too soft and she told Shana she sounded like a news reporter. I was trying so hard not to burst out laughing. Even Ri, was like covering her face. She let us redo it anyway, so it's all good.

Also, our dance practice has become a bit hectic. Shana isn't dancing anymore, and so Za got these uber cool Form 1 people to dance.
They are so adorable! I want to eaaaat them. They like k-pop too!

Purple house!
I was gonna try out for running, but they postponed the tryouts due to rain and lack of time. How disappointing. But atleast i have more time to train and stuff, so yeah. Merentas Desa is in June! Eeeeek.
I need to find new headphones, as i don't think i can jog around with my big gigantic huge headphones jumping up and down on my head. Ouch, much. Besides, it would be super annoying.

Sammie's birthday is coming up soon! I wonder what i should get her.
Maroon 5 related things? Nah, she's already going for the concert. I'm gonna go bury myself inside some fanfiction. Bye !

Saturday, April 2, 2011; Comments


imgoingtogoburymyheadinshameandregretforever. T.T


Skyping With Ri.
Friday, April 1, 2011; Comments

Yes, as you can see i kept changing my hairstyle. I'm very bi-polar.
I love her octopus face.


Since certain people are complaining about my lack of updates,
i shall update.
Applaud :D

Anyway, i haven't been doing much recently. Been stuck with my Accounts project, and now i have to complete my Moral. Sigh~
So many things to do. But during my spare time, i like to sneak on chatroulette.
Hello, hot guys are so common there!
However they all like disconnecting me. Hmph.

Anywaaay, i got like one decent screenshot. 

He is not the cutest, but while i was trying to figure out how to use the damned Snipping Tool this is what happened;

Yeah, like serious fail. Cause he was like REALLY CUTE.
Oh well. I have nothing more to blog about.
 Oh , wait. I made a new non-korean tumblr. Link, here.
And i like 4minute's new song, Heart To Heart.
Jungshin! ♥ 

Well, that is all peeps. Laters!