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Friday, April 15, 2011; Comments

I've never attempted to hide so many tears in one day.
It was a generally crappy day today.
My dad yelled at me for being unreliable or something,
My mom yelled at me for not using my time wisely.
My brother, i don't even want to get started with.
I feel like kicking his balls. 

But i'm feeling a little better now.
I get to watch a movie tomorrow, and i was talking to a cute guy on chatroulette.
Oh, and Rachy is confiding in me which is making me feel better.
And i also found out how utterly hot Gong Chan is.

Um, have i mentioned that i'm completely addicted to All Time Low?

Jack Barakat!

Alex Gaskarth ! I ship Jalex <3

Rian Dawson , the amazing drummmer.

Annnnnd, Zack Merrick ! He has a pink guitar and a sexy body. ♥

hotties with bodies ! 
but yeah, anyway, their music is soooooo good. I like their newest one,  ' I Feel Like Dancin' '
Oh, and if you listen to all their music, you can see where all my msn pm's come from.

I'm gonna go tumblr. See you peeps. :)