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Mirror Mirror.
Saturday, April 9, 2011; Comments

I think i've been on a bit of a 4minute hiatus lately.
I just discovered their recently new released music video, 'Mirror Mirror'.
It's, so super sexy.
My favorite member is still Heo Ga Yoon. I would really like to say that Kim Hyuna is really overrated, but really. Who am i kidding? She was on fire. It's actually very hard to ignore her. She deserves to be a sexy icon in Korea.

geoura geoura geoura geoura~


I wished we had learnt this. Then we could have done this for auditions. Oh well, can't have it all.
I bet Ki is gonna go all hyper and then learn this before i get the chance too . ugh. 
How i wished i still had my MP5.