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Friday, April 1, 2011; Comments

Since certain people are complaining about my lack of updates,
i shall update.
Applaud :D

Anyway, i haven't been doing much recently. Been stuck with my Accounts project, and now i have to complete my Moral. Sigh~
So many things to do. But during my spare time, i like to sneak on chatroulette.
Hello, hot guys are so common there!
However they all like disconnecting me. Hmph.

Anywaaay, i got like one decent screenshot. 

He is not the cutest, but while i was trying to figure out how to use the damned Snipping Tool this is what happened;

Yeah, like serious fail. Cause he was like REALLY CUTE.
Oh well. I have nothing more to blog about.
 Oh , wait. I made a new non-korean tumblr. Link, here.
And i like 4minute's new song, Heart To Heart.
Jungshin! ♥ 

Well, that is all peeps. Laters!