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Till the world ends.
Saturday, May 21, 2011; Comments

Hello world. Today is May 21st, 2011. And i am infact not dead.

They said that the world would end at 6.00 pm today. Stupid. 

Anyway, i saw B2ST's new mv. I've been hyperventilating with Hanna, eventhough she doesn't understand a word i say.

Yeah. I love you, Hanna. :)

But i still despise you for going to Pirates of The Carribean without me. Mean. I wanted to see it firstest!
Stupid exams. 
Oh yeah, yesterday i was on twitter, and #onlyinhartamas was like a hot topic for all us smksh-ians :D
Some of them were so funny.

Jonelllllllllll, i love you for saying Zack Merrick is hot. HE IS HE IS ISN'T HE. HOT BEYOND WORDS CAN DESCRIBE.
Hopefully All Time Low will come to Malaysia! *keeps fingers crossed
Asking Alexandria cancelled their concert here. BITCH. Not that i could have gone anyway. 

omg, i have to go. BYEBYEBYBYE